After Hours Physiotherapy and Same Day Treatments

After Hours Physio Sydney

Are you looking for after hours physio ? Are you in a lot of pain that you need a same day physio ? At the Sydney New Age Physiotherapy clinic, we understand that life gets busy and finding the time to get to the physiotherapist whilst working full time and juggling a family life can be hard leaving no time to looking after your body the way you need to.

People injure themselves at all times of the day and we understand that when you are in a lot of pain and you need a physiotherapist, we are here to help. We are the best physiotherapists for back injury, shoulder injury, hamstring injury, quad injury and more. Being the best sports injury clinic that you can find, we can have you back on field or the ring in no time.

We can provide you with the best physiotherapists in Sydney after hours. Learn More About Our Physio Services. We can help with acute pain,electrotherapy, shockwave modality, pain, soft tissue injuries, cartilage damage, arthritis, gait disorders, patient education, physical examination and physical impairments and provide the best possible treatments and solutions to the quickest possible healing from injuries like this

We are the go to Sydney physiotherapy clinic for injuries sustained through sports or work related injuries. If you need a physiotherapist for a sports injury or work related matter, we can assist during business hours or provide physio after hours with the latest and best Physio equipment in the industry.

Can I Get Physiotherapy After hours All The Time ?

New Age Physio is a Before & After Hours. Physiotherapy Appointments and 24 Hours 365 Days a year Physiotherapy service. No question about it. When you need a physio after hours give us a call immediately and we will assist you in your time of need.
At New Age Physiotherapy we are absolutely NOT your normal Physiotherapy clinic.

How Can We Help As The Best Physiotherapy Clinic In Sydney

At New Age Physiotherapy we offer the latest innovative medical treatments to help get you movement better and without pain.We understand that life get busy and finding the time to get to the physiotherapist whilst working full time and juggling a family life can be hard, hence leaving no time to looking after your body the way you need to. That’s why we offer appointments before and after hours apart from our normal clinic hours
Monday – Friday 9 am – 7 pm
Saturday 9 am – 1 pm
as well a 24 hours 7 days a week 365 Physiotherapy service.

Can We Open Our Physio Clinic After Hours ?

24 Hour PhysiotherapistsWhether you need to see us in early in the morning, late evening or midnight it’s up to you. We will open our clinic to see you and our highly qualified physiotherapist will see you.Yes, we do charge a bit extra for for this service but if your suffering and your in pain what is that worth to you to get relief or just to be able move with less pain?Do waste your time in Hospital Emergency just to be told by Nurses to go home take pain killers and rest – call New Age Physiotherapy.
This is Sydney’s and probably Australia’s one and only Private Practice that is available 24/7 for Emergency Physiotherapy Service* (*Call in fee / after hour fee applies)

What Can We Offer As The Best Physiotherapists In Sydney ?

*All health accepted via HICAPS
*We know your health should be your number should take priority, so make time with our flexible appointment schedules you have no excuses any more.
*Our qualified physiotherapist will assess and provide you with effective treatments.
*Get your aches and pain looked after straight away
*Whether your suffering from acute back/neck/shoulder or other joint pain?
*Or have Sharp stabbing pain, severe migraines or headaches or excruciating back pain.
*Bone Fractures that requiring waterproof casting or CAM boots supports.
This is now all available on call 24/7 at Sydney’ first only Emergency Physiotherapy Service located in Austral. Contact us today to learn more
Call us now 9606 8258 (24/7)

Where Is Our Physiotherapy Services Located At ?

282 Edmondson Ave Austral
– 15 mins from Liverpool
– 15 mins from Campbelltown
– 8 mins off the M7 (Cowpasture rd exit)
– 30 mins from Bankstown
– 45 mins from Sydney CBD (M5/M7)
Same Day/Night Appointments when you call
Call us now 9606 8258 (24/7)