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Sydney Physiotherapy Clinics and Emergency Physio

Need to find the best Sydney physiotherapy clinic in town ? Not only are we the top physiotherapy clinic in Sydney but we guarantee same day physio or sport therapists appointments for all sports injury or work related injuries* As a sports physiologist, we understand when you're in pain and you want to be seen today and not tomorrow. We provide the best physio services in Sydney by highly qualified and licensed physiotherapists such as treatment for Headaches, Neck & Back pain, both acute & chronic for all sports injuries or work related accidents ranging from lower back injuries,ACL injuries. shoulder injuries hamstring injuries and many more types of physio services. Read more about our physio clinic We are the best sports physio in Sydney with the latest technology which aids in fast injury recovery from work place accidents or sports injury

Best Physiotherapy clinic For Emergency 24 Hour sports injury and workcover physio

Our first available urgent physio appointment will always be offered to you, if you are unable to make that we organise a time that suits you.

Sydney Physio Specialists That Also Treat You Same Day

We ensure you get your problem assessed with the best expert in sports and workcover physio and treated the same day and a detailed treatment will be provided to get you back to things you enjoy most pain free. We really are the best physiotherapy clinics in Sydney when it comes to sports injuries or workcover injury services and we invite you to try our Sydney physiotherapy clinics for yourself. You WILL NOT be disappointed. With our physiotherapy clinics located in Bringelly and Austral we are also a hop skip and a jump away from Casula and central as a south western physio centre so call us today for your sports and injury physio services


Welcome to New Age Physiotherapy, Are you tired of being in pain? Looking for solutions from a Sydney physio clinic ? Do you want a long lasting drug free solution to get rid of your pain quickly to ensure that you can return back to things you enjoy most?

At New Age Physiotherapy, we are the community leaders in healthcare. We invest in the latest innovative medical devices and practice cutting-edge manual therapy treatments to ensure you recover quickly and perform at your peak. We really are the best specialists in physio when it comes to trearting sports and work related injury with the fastest turn around time to help relieve your pain and get you back on your feet

Why Choose Our Physio Clinic in Sydney ?

Our team of Physio Professionals at New Age Physiotherapy in Sydney are your go to physio specialists, which differs from the rest, we work with each client individually and formulate a detailed road map to your success. So whether it is a sports injury, work injury, or whatever is causing you pain, our Sydney physiotherapy specialists can help you. We incorporated many years of experience and the latest research to deliver fantastic results for all our clients’. Our goal for everyone who comes through our doors is to fix your pain fast and get you back to living a pain-free, healthy and happy life. The journey to recovery doesn’t stop here, we incorporate self-management strategies to ensure that the results last, so you stay healthy and injury-free for longer. It is our absolute privilege to look after you and we look forward to giving you the best possible care.

What Solutions Can I expect From My Physio Specialist ?

In your consultation, your experienced practitioner will sit down with you to listen to your problem and understand your unique situation. Once we have identified your issue and problem presented, we will then formulate a treatment success plan to fit in with your lifestyle and your individual circumstances.

What We Do As Physiotherapy Experts,

We will always do our best to get to the root of what is causing your problem, and we don’t just treat your symptoms. We will give you easy to understand advice, exercises and recommendation for how you can help yourself to get out of pain as quickly as possible right here at our specialist physio clinic in Sydney.


Exercise Therapy

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Massage Therapy

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What are Orthotics? These are specially designed devices that are worn inside the shoe to control abnormal foot function and/or [...]


Physiotherapy Services

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Acupuncture & Dry Needling

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New Age Fracture Clinic

Our fracture clinic can manage arm fractures, wrist fractures, hand fractures, finger fractures and leg fractures [...]


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