What is acute back pain?

• Acute back pain may be present for up to 6 weeks and can build up gradually or happen suddenly

• Pain is often described as aching, burning, stabbing, sharp or dull

• Pain can be localized and/or refer to other regions eg. shooting pain down the legs

• Pain can be suffered in many ways eg. Turning in bed, bending over to tie your shoelaces, getting out of the car

• Causes?

• Segmental stiffness in the facet joints of the spine

• Disc irritation between vertebral bodies

• Muscle spasms

• Muscle weakness and imbalance especially of the core muscles

• How long does it last?

• About 50% of acute episodes resolve within 2 weeks and 80% by 6 weeks

• The duration and severity of a single acute episode cannot be predicted

• A majority of people who have had an acute episode will have a recurrent episode so it is crucial that you seek care after the initial episode

• Top Tips to Manage your Back Pain

• It is important to remain relatively active as long as you do not exacerbate your symptoms

• Change positions regularly ie do not sit/stand for prolonged periods. Take posture breaks at least every 30 minutes at work.

• Anti-inflammatories and/or muscle relaxants may be required to calm down muscle spasms

• Heat can be helpful to reduce muscle spasm

• Decompression exercises are crucial to reduce spasm and spinal stiffness

• SEEK HELP from a physiotherapist ASAP to ensure you recover quickly and safely return to your daily activities and exercise routine.

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Headaches and Migraines

Did you know that over 80% of all headaches and migraines originate from the neck
causing an over sensitised brainstem triggering your symptoms?

Many people affected by headache and migraines who, despite scans and other
tests, still don’t know the cause of their condition.

We know through validated research; many headaches and migraines can be caused from a dysfunction of the upper joints of the neck C0-C1-C2-C3.

This dysfunction can contribute to an over sensitized brainstem that can trigger headaches or migraine symptoms in many sufferers. It is now widely recognized as a key underlying neurophysiological issue in migraine and other headache conditions.

Having a skilled examination can demonstrate beyond doubt that your neck is the reason for your headache or migraine.

If you’re suffering headache & migraine call us to for an Assessment today.

The team at New Age Physiotherapy has made it a goal to help as many headache and migraine sufferers to find out what is causing their headaches and migraines.

Over 80% of all headache and migraine sufferers will benefit from this assessment and treatment, as over 80% of all headaches and migraines are contributed to a dysfunction of the upper neck that causes an over sensitised brainstem, triggering headaches or migraines.

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