Tips on Finding the Right Physio

Chances are if you are looking for a physiotherapist, it is most likely because you are in pain. If you are in need of urgent physio attention, then there are signs to look out for when browsing through the physios that come up on a search. Signs are of a great physio are easy to spot so if you are in pain and need an urgent physio to tend to your needs, then here are some signs to look out for. One thing that needs to be stated is that physiotherapist is a term that is protected so those who are practicing physiotherapy need to be registered and licenced to do so. Any qualified physiotherapist who is practicing should have these on display along with their qualifications. They will also have a membership to the proper associations depending on where they are practicing, a Sydney physio will be a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and this information should be readily available for potential patients. As physiotherapy does cover a wide range of specialisations, depending on where your injury is, it is often best to seek out a physio who specialises in those conditions. If you are looking for an urgent physio for a back condition, then one that has that specialisation is always the best choice whereas if you are looking for improving your movement and performance for sport, then a sports physiotherapist is a better option. Different physios offer different types of treatment; some physios will offer dry needling and acupuncture so depending on what sort of treatments you are open to, understanding the physio’s services can help. It often can come down to what providers accept your health insurance and the availability. Along with the above, check the testimonials, reviews and any referrals your doctor may have to find the best physiotherapist for your needs.

Our Services

At New Age Physiotherapy, whether you are looking for an urgent physio or one for the long haul, we have a range of services available for all types of patients in Sydney. New Age Physiotherapy has built a reputation as being one of the best in the Sydney physio scene, and that has only increased with the launch of our ‘Better Backs Program’. Back injuries and overall health of your spine can have a huge impact on your quality of life and in a society where we often do not treat our backs with the respect it deserves, we are here to provide treatment to get your back in the best health possible. One of the biggest specialities is sports physiotherapy so it does not matter if you are needing urgent physio care for a sports injury or want to work with an expert to get yourself moving the best way possible, athletes can all benefit from our Sports clinic. All physios that work at the New Age Physiotherapy Sports Clinic are qualified sports physiotherapists so you know you are in the best hands. Combining a range of treatment options and different services, we will be able to help improve your quality of life, movement and performance from that Wednesday game of golf to fighting in an MMA cage.

Dry Needling and Acupuncture

At New Age Physiotherapy, one service we offer is Acupuncture and Dry Needling. This can be used in a range of urgent physio cases and in some cases can help relieve pain and heal the body without having to resort to more invasive methods like surgery. By combining this centuries old treatment with modern physiotherapy methods, many Sydney physios have been able to give their patients incredible results. Acupuncture and Dry Needling works by inserting needles into certain acupuncture points in the body. These points serve as a tunnel for deep circulatory functions in the body, with the insertion of the incredibly fine needle activating a twitch response in the body, which can aid in blood flow and reset the proper circulatory response in the body. This is especially effective around tight muscles, which can cause inflammation and pain. By working with these trigger points, even in urgent physio cases, it can relieve the pain from the muscles. Initially, there is normally an immediate response as the muscle feels like it is relaxing, but the real effect is felt with long term treatment over approximately five to ten sessions, helping the body go back to its natural, most healthy, state.


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