Best Sports Injury Physiotherapists In Sydney

sports injury therapists SydneyLooking for a Sydney sports injury clinic with a difference ? We are the injury recovery and treatment specialists. Here at New Age Physio, we provide sports therapy that works and delivers results with the best sports medicine technology currently available to the industry.

Whether you need conditioning for martial arts, Soccer, Netball, Basketball or Football, we are the best remedial and deep tissue massage specialists in Sydney.

Our sports injury clinic caters for all musculoskeletal and muscular injuries from all sports injuries with the latest equipment to asses injury. If you can’t walk or are getting pains down your legs from a lower back injury which is one of our most common injuries, don’t wait any longer. We have the right rehab for immediate treatment. Call our sports medicine centre now

We only employ the best physiotherapists in the country from top Institutions in Australia with the most experienced physio specialists in Sydney just to be able to achieve one thing, the best results for our clients when it comes to physio treatment for recovery and the fastest possible healing from sports injury. From lower back injury, to hamstring, to shoulder injury, to spinal decompression, our staff at New Age Physio are highly trained and certified specialists in assessing injury from sporting and musculoskeletal injury.

What Are Some Of The Most Common Injuries ?

Very common injuries usually include neck and back pain injury or lower back pain, tendonitis, ligament sprains, muscle strains and joint wear and tear. Our therapists aim is to diagnose the effecting condition you are suffering from, and implement the best possible treatment for your injury using the best and latest technology together with the latest techniques for the fastest possible healing. Our physio clinic also takes the necessary steps to discuss with you injury preventative measures to ensure you injury doesn’t happen again.

How Do We Get The Fastest Possible Healing From Your Injury ?

Because our physio centre is one of the most and best advanced sports physio clinics in Sydney, we can achieve the best possible healing using screening tests which assist in the best possible solution for exercise programs which target weakness or out of balance muscle actions or movement patterns.

One of the best services we also have is a same day physio sports physio service which you can see us today if you are suffering from pain and are in need of desperate and immediate care.


Sports Injury Therapy Sydney





What Physio Treatment Do We Offer At Our Sports Therapy Clinic ?

We offer a huge range of Physio Services At Our Therapy Clinic Listed Below :

  • Massage for the treatment of soft tissue injury and ailments
  • Ice and compression treatment for injury
  • Manipulation to improve joint mobility and corrected movement.
  • All strapping and taping required for enhanced support
  • All necessary taping and bracing for the fastest possible healing.
  • Dry Needling Treatments
  • Ultrasound therapy
  • Cold laser therapy
  • Shockwave therapy
  • Pilates reformer
  • Gait scanning and orthotic prescription
  • Exercise programs using our own centres gym and equipment.
  • Fully supported rehab programs
  • Programs for prevention of future sporting or work related injury.
  • Programs and correction treatments for better posture

Some Questions We Are Often Asked About Our Therapy Treatments

Are There Available Rebates For Physio Treatments from My Clinic

Many patients we get in our clinic will suffer from ailments which are chronic and complex. In certain circumstances, some patients who suffer from chronic pain treatments which are done in conjunction with your doctor and physio may also be eligible for a rebate from Medicare. Consult with your doctor and physio on the best possible approach for any claims if available.

Does Private Health Insurance Cover My Physio Treatments ?

You would have to check with your health insurance but if you chose physio on your private cover then yes, you would be covered for 50-75% of cost of the physiotherapy treatments at our clinics but, in any case, we advise you check before hand with your health insurer first.

How Long Do Physiotherapy Sessions Take ?

Generally speaking, most physio sessions and treatments usually consist of 30-45 minutes on average. Some treatments which are more serious or a little more involved can in some circumstances take longer.

Are Referrals Required To See My Sports Therapist ?

Referrals are not required for sports therapy visits. We are a same day physio centre so you can book on the day if availability for a Physiotherapist is open.

Do I Need To Bring Anything With Me To The Clinic ?

All that is required for you to bring is comfortable clothing that will not interfere with your treatment. Most people when it comes to leg injury usually just wear shorts.


Deal With The Best Sports Therapists In Sydney


We are a physio team of highly experienced sports therapy specialists that deal with sports and work related injury every day. We have the latest equipment designed to assist and heal injury as fast as possible with min pain to our patients. When you deal with New Age Physio, you are dealing with physio professional that takes pride in their work and deliver on results in the fastest possible time. When it comes to sports injury therapists, call today and book in for your treatment and be treated by the best sports physiotherapist in Sydney.




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