Pregnancy Physiotherapy That Helps Make Life More Comfortable.

Women experience a lot of physical changes when experiencing pregnancy which puts a lot of strain through joints, muscles and bones. This can lead to aggravation of any existing musculoskeletal conditions you may have. The increase in muscle activity working to compensate for physical changes occurring can lead to overuse injuries which can also result in inflammation causing nerve irritations. Physiotherapy can be done before pregnancy to solve any pre-existing conditions which may flare up during pregnancy, during pregnancy to help with muscle over activity which helps to condition your body to cope with the physical demands of pregnancy, as well help recovery after birth.

What does physiotherapy for pregnancy involve?

Physiotherapy can provide pain management for increased muscle activity resulting in new musculoskeletal conditions, or flare ups of pre-existing injuries. Treatment can involve soft tissue massage, joint mobilisations, compression therapy, pregnancy support belt/taping, core strengthening.

Common musculoskeletal problems:
Back pain– carrying increased weight with a growing belly leads to more pressure on the back
Neck pain– a lot of strain is put on the neck due to more weight at the front of the body
Carpal tunnel syndrome– from repetitive lifting leading to inflammation and nerve irritation
Sacroiliac joint/hip pain– due to increased inflammation caused by laxity of ligaments from increased weight bearing.
Knee pain– gait changes may occur carrying the baby increasing the loading through the knees
Ankle pain– common to have swelling occur at the ankles