What is Postural Training & Rehabilitation

Postural Training Today’s typical office environment has resulted in an increasing number of employees spending the majority of their working days sitting in front of desk and lap-top computers. In this position natural gravitional effects cause muscles to work continually to maintain the body in an upright position. Over time the muscles fatigue and posture typically becomes slumped and rounded. This poor and unnatural posture increases the strain and tension in the muscles and joints in our neck, shoulders and back which then leads to pain and stiffness.

How does it work?

At New Age Physiotherapy, we believe that poor posture is the underlying cause of many back and neck problems, as well as headaches. Postural training is therefore an important part of your treatment and can include assessing posture both at work and in functional activities, education with the use of photographic and video analysis and specific exercise rehabilitation.

If appropriate, a specific Work station assessment may be recommended.

What conditions is it used for?
Anyone suffering from back and neck pain or stiffness, headaches, or anyone suffering from a gradual onset of shoulder and arm problems.

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