Sydney MMA Physiotherapists

MMA PhysiotherapyLooking for an MMA Physiotherapist in Sydney? Sports or MMA physiotherapy is a specialised level of physio which requires expert physio’s who have been in the practice of sports physiotherapy for many years and hold only the best in knowledge with natural healing and injury recovery from all manner of sports injuries including full contact sports, like mixed martial arts.

At New Age Physiotherapy, we understand MMA fighters and the training you put in day to day to get results you want and understand that when it comes to physio for MMA, you only want the best from your physiotherapist.

We are the best MMA physio in Sydney and are fully prepared always, with everything you need before any title fight you are pursuing, we are the MMA fight preparation and after fight experts in dealing with and recovering from injury. We posses a wealth of knowledge and operate one of the best MMA physio centres with the latest equipment for treating sports injury, and pre-fight preparation physio

We have Sydney’s only “One Fighting Championship Physiotherapist’s at New Age Physiotherapy who is working closely to with “One Championship” Fighter Martin Nguyen first-ever two-division titleholder in ONE Championship history.


MMA Fight Preparation Physio With Martin Nguyen


Martin “the Situ-Asian” Nguyen is a regular client at New Age Physiotherapy, who on top of his vigorous training and fight camps, we work on tuning

Our Physiotherapist Nestor Chan has travelled to Manila Philippines in April 2019 One Champion “Dawn of Heros” with 3x One World Champion MMA fighter Martin Nguyen.

Martin understands the importance of having an MMA Physiotherapist in his team which has no doubt helped him succeed and perform at his best on the World Stage.

For all MMA Fighters, if you want to perform at your best and you want to get the most out of your body having a experienced MMA Physiotherapist will no doubt give you the edge that you need to win in the cage.

Let our Professional team of Physio’s at New Age Physiotherapy help you TODAY to keep you training at your best so you can continue to build yourself a stronger body.

Martin knows first hand how important it is to have Physiotherapy to keep him tuned up and fit before each fight.

“Preparing yourself inside and outside the cage is key to your success”

What is MMA Physiotherapy?

Specific injury prevention and management tailored directly for MMA fighters and practitioners of all levels to help cope with the physical demands of the sport. A wide array of injuries can arise from the sport of MMA and physiotherapy aims to help manage and treat these injuries whilst you still train and to help you make a timely and effective return to the sport.

Why MMA physiotherapy for MMA fighters?

Whilst generalised physiotherapy is still effective at treating injuries most physiotherapists have only a very broad prospect of what the sport involves and the stresses it imposes on the body.

An MMA physiotherapist at New Age Physiotherapy has experience with MMA fighters, as well as have trained, competed in either MMA, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mauy Thai, kickboxing, Martial art such as Karate involving grappling, striking and ground and pounds. Our MMA Physiotherapist has a far better understanding and more in-depth view of the demands of the sport and as such not only knows the type of injuries associated with it but also good management strategies that will allow you to continue training during rehab but also make the best possible return to the cage.

At New Age Physiotherapy our team has not only worked closely alongside several noted fighters and developed understanding from this but have also practiced martial arts themselves and understand first-hand what is involved.

What Common Injuries Are Associated With MMA ?

Mixed Martial Arts PhysiotherapyMMA is a full-contact sport which incorporates both striking and grappling in a very intricate manner and demands a high level of fitness and technicality from its athletes. As such a wide array of injuries can result from both training and competition, for example: overuse injuries from conditioning training, bruising and fractures from contact, ligament damage from submission holds or even concussion from head strikes.

Each of these injuries are unique and must managed according to their severity and to the needs of the individual. Some of these needs may vary depending on whether the athlete is currently in fight camp or off-season and as such will alter the requirements of their treatment outcomes.

An experienced MMA physiotherapist is able to help make the appropriate and safest judgement calls to construct an effective treatment plan to help each fighter achieve their best outcomes.

How can MMA physiotherapy help me perform at sports or martial arts?

Everybody always performs better injury-free, so the first point would be to treat the niggling injuries that have held you back from training to your full potential. But without an active injury, physiotherapy can also aim to screen athletes for risks of injury so as to prevent the occurrence of injuries in the future and allow them to continue training at high intensities. With detailed knowledge of how to identify and treat risk factors for injuries, a physiotherapist can advise a fighter on evidence-based techniques to help manage their injury risks by informing them which structures to stretch or strengthen or which activities to avoid.

Is MMA physio covered by health insurance?

Definitely. At New Age Physiotherapy all private health insurances are accepted and allow for you to collect the rebates you are entitled to.