Massage Therapy

Servicing the Sydney region, New Age Physiotherapy offers urgent physio in Sydney services which includes massage therapies. Firstly, what is massage therapy exactly? Massage therapy is the manipulation of soft tissue where the Physiotherapist can rub different muscle groups to relax them and ease out knots. You will feel pressure on the muscles to different areas and stretching of the muscles. The aim of massage therapy by your urgent physio in Sydney is to activate movement and the ability to move more freely in the body. Massage therapy can treat various conditions whether they be physical, chemical or emotional/mental. It can actively relieve you from pain, promote relaxation and ease anxiety and stress. People with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis and Fibromyalgia can benefit from massage therapy techniques and massage therapy can also treat sporting people with injuries. Additionally, it can help people with neck tension or shoulder issues such as office employees with these ailments. Tension headaches can be a real bane of one’s existence and massage therapy can ease out knots and tension in the back, neck and shoulders to relieve you from tension headaches. New Age Physiotherapy offers an urgent physio in Sydney service to those who urgently require physiotherapy including massage therapy. Our range of massage therapies include remedial massage, deep tissue massage, ultrasound massage, myofascial release and cupping therapy. Our team of Physiotherapists are highly-trained and qualified as well as insured and can perform the range of massage therapies to expert standards. For example, our Physiotherapists can perform deep tissue massage which consists of applying firm pressure to the deepest muscles and this can be truly effective for lower back pain, chronic aches and pains, tension in the neck and shoulders, upper back problems and tightness in the leg muscles.

What You Need To Know

Offering an urgent physio in Sydney service, New Age Physiotherapy cares for our clientele and their wellbeing. We utilise massage therapies to improve health conditions or enhance wellness. Massages have been performed in most cultures, both Western and Eastern throughout history and was one of the earliest forms of therapy to relieve pain and chronic conditions. The most common form of massage therapy is the Swedish or classical massage but other massage therapies derived from Eastern cultures such as Shiatsu and Tuina. For a physio in Liverpool or Green Valley, New Age Physiotherapy services these areas as well as offering an urgent physio in Sydney. We can help with massage therapies to relieve pain such as that associated with osteoarthritis and headaches. Massage therapy can additionally help patients with cancer and has been known to assist patients to relieve stress, anxiety and other symptoms. Our Physiotherapists can use less pressure on the areas affected by cancer rather than going for the deep tissue massage. As mentioned, massage therapy can be useful for Fibromyalgia symptoms and it can improve pain, anxiety and depression within people with the chronic condition of Fibromyalgia. The risks with massage therapy are low and it is dependent on the individual body whether a deep tissue massage is performed or a remedial massage.

Quality Services

As part of our urgent physio in Sydney service, New Age Physiotherapy offers a range of services including Spinal Decompression Therapy and Cold Laser Therapy. The former is also known as Mechanical Traction and is a non-invasive traction therapy that delivers a linear force on the body to form negative pressure and work on realignment of the spinal disc. Instead of using injections, anaesthesia or surgery, Spinal Decompression Therapy is effective at relieving spinal pressure. It helps people with lower back pain, sciatica, disc degeneration, disc bulges, disc herniations and facet syndrome. Consulting with your Physiotherapist is important to see if you suit this type of therapy and the process consists of traction and relaxation creating a vacuum effect and repositioning the disc. This vacuum effect can also drive fresh blood supply promoting healing. Cold laser is non-warm photon light which penetrates the layers of the skin causing healing to the cells. This type of therapy is effective for conditions such as Fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, tendonitis and sprain injuries. Consult your urgent physio in Sydney at New Age Physiotherapy for a comprehensive list of our services and you can be guaranteed we can help.


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