Physiotherapists Sydney

PhysiotherapistsAs physiotherapists, we are often asked what we do and how it benefits the client. Physiotherapists primarily deal with movement. In other words, we ensure that your body functions and moves in an optimal, pain free and effective way. Problems with movement can be related to postural related stress, be a result of an accident, sporting or workplace injury, or be due to a major medical event such as a stroke or neurological condition. So whether you are young and active or elderly and sedentary, chances are at some stage in your life, you will benefit from physiotherapy. Physiotherapists use a variety of techniques to ensure the optimal functioning of the muscles, joints and nerves. These include joint mobilisation, muscle releases/massage, muscle retraining, exercise programs, electrotherapy to speed up healing and reduce inflammation, strapping and assistance with using various aids or braces. These are just some of the services provided by qualified physiotherapists.

What Can Physiotherapists Do For You ?

Physiotherapy involves the treatment of many different conditions and pathologies in a variety of healthcare settings. Examples of conditions that physiotherapy can help include:


What Are a Physiotherapists First Steps With Your Health Analyses ?

When you visit physiotherapists, they will take a detailed history, perform a thorough physical examination, provide hands on treatment to address the problems found, advise you on the best course of management for your condition, and provide corrective exercises for you to optimise your physiotherapy consultation. The number of consultations required will depend on the severity and duration of your problems.

All Austral New Age Physiotherapists, we have undergone a minimum of 4 yrs extensive clinical training at University and are registered health care professionals with the Australia Health Practitioner Regulation Agnecy Our Physiotherapist are also member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association deliver the highest standard of therapy as prescribed in the APA code of conduct

Physiotherapy programs are based on practical goals agreed between the physiotherapist and the client. Physiotherapists help people gain as much movement and physical independence as possible so they can resume their normal job or lifestyle. When necessary, physiotherapists will consult with a client’s doctor to ensure the best possible treatment outcomes.

If you have any queries about how physiotherapy may help you, please call your local clinic or submit an online enquiry  and we are more than happy to answer any questions. We are always here as your Sydney physiotherapists