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Autism consultant

Elizabeth Barboza who is an Autism expert consultant and RDI Program Certified consultant. Elizabeth comes from a Special Education background (B. Special Education (Hons).She have worked as a teacher, lecturer and also as a Tertiary Supervisor, for teachers and special educators in mainstream training and also in autism.Currently, she has been a Tertiary Advisor for first to fourth year undergraduates in the Education degree at UTS since 2006. A large part of her interest is in the development and training of effective teachers.

Elizabeth began my work with children with Autism in 1998 as an ABA therapist whilst she was at the University of Sydney studying Speech Pathology.This began her endless journey in discovering how to most effectively work with people on the autism spectrum. Since 1998, she has worked with children, teens and adults with ASD, ages ranging from 16 months old to adults.Her interest in Autism led her to complete her thesis on social interaction and conversation for children with Autism.

Elizabeth was awarded First Class Honours and subsequently, published her first book. Elizabeth began the RDI (Relationship Development Intervention Program) journey in 2006 when she commenced training in the RDI program in Houston, Texas and remains a certified consultant providing RDI services to many families.Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) is a parent based intervention where parents are empowered with the tools to effectively teach flexibility, experience sharing and motivation to their child.This includes managing challenging behaviours so that children learn to seek uncertainty rather than avoid and control their environment.

RDI is Developmental.

Autism ServicesThe child with Autism will have missed steps on the developmental path and so have not been able to connect with others at their age level. In some instances this may be at a level perhaps even before 12 months, when the Autism emerged. RDI will help you work with your child at their level to foster their growth. RDI is about changing neurology. “The brain is dynamic, meaning that it is forever in a state of change” Daniel Siegel (1999). Research shows that the way that adults interact with children has the greatest influence on the child’s neural development. Elizabeth will be working with families from Monday to Friday in our Austral clinic and also sees families through Skype or FaceTime. Elizabeth also provides school support/training for teachers.

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