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All Sports PhysioAre you a highly active athlete ? Do you play sports ? Are you into athletic activities ? Are you a hockey player, body builder,soccer player, basketball, MMA fighter or tennis player ?

New Age Physio cater to all sports injuries when it comes to sporting injuries and have the latest technology and best physiotherapists for all sporting injuries in Sydney.

We are the best physio specialists that can provide the right assessment which will put you on the best possible exercise and physio plan to get you back on track,literally.

Our Promise To You And A Message From The Director Of New Age Physiotherapy At Our Sydney Based Sports Clinic


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Injury Assessment And Treatment Plans

If you are an athlete complaining of pain or a sporting injury, the key to a diagnosis is to obtain a detailed history and examination of any prior injury you may have had as well. The right examination plan and treatment to heal all sports injury is critical from the very onset.

Prevention Of Future Injury

Once we have you back into your favorite sport, one other aspect we must take into account, is prevention. It is really important to understand pre commencement warm up before any start to your daily sports to prevent the same sports injury from happening again.We really are the sports injury specialists and we know our field like the back of our hand. Did you know that we provide functional movement screening ? We use this technology to asses if you are heading for an injury and can produce the right plan for you stop this from happening.

Best Sports Injury Centre in Sydney

Allsports PhysioWe clearly are the best all sport injury clinic  in Sydney, and Australia, if you can travel to us. Believe us, we will make it worth your while. From a strained  calf muscle, to tennis elbow or serious muscle tears of the pectoralis or deltoid muscles or even joint injuries, here at New Age Physio we can help with all sports injuries.

Sports Injury Management Specialists

At Austral New Age Physiotherapy we are your premier All sports Physiotherapy Group. Our team is Australia’s leading providers of allied healthcare in all sports injury management.

We use a multidisciplinary approach incorporating Sports Physician, Doctors, Podiatrist, Human movement specialist and Physiotherapists.

What Sports Do We Cater To At Our Sports Clinic ?

We have a unique approach with individualised treatment focus and rehabilitation programs for a wide range of all sporting injuries, regardless of the sports you play from anything as slow as bowling to as aggressive as MMA sports physio. We cater to it daily. We deal with everyday athletes for All sports, to the Weekend warriors to Professional athletes at our centre.

Purpose Built Physiotherpay Clinic

All Sports Injury ClinicOur purpose-built physiotherapy and sports medicine clinics is fully equipped with all the latest medical treatments such shockwave therapy, laser therapy and fucntional movement screening to name a few.

Our Physiotherapist team are actively involved in all sports from soccer, football, golf, cricket, tennis, MMA, power lifting and strongman at a semi-professional level.

APHRA Qualified All Sport Sydney Physiotherapists

We are all qualified with APHRA from Australia’s leading Universities, with experience spanning over 20 years. We all continue to partake in Specialist sports courses to keep up with the latest evidence-based approach in all sports injury rehabilitation.

Our team will provide you quality sound advice as well as physiotherapy treatments and comprehensive range of allied health services all under one roof tailed at caring for the whole person.

Find Our Sport Physio Centre On The Below Map

Although we are located In Austral, we are not that far form neighboring suburbs and are very much central; to many suburbs and a stones throw away from most Sydney suburbs within a 30 kay stretch. It will be worth the drive, we promise that and guarantee you this.


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